Loving Winter in the Summer. And Fall. And Spring.

Posted September 11, 2012 by jimhigley

I had the opportunity to hang out with, and meet a lot of pretty amazing people in Washington this past weekend. Lots. But no one captured my heart more than 13-year old Winter Vinecki.

No one.

Winter’s father, Michael, like me, was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer when he was in his early forties. And in the same way my own children gave me daily strength, so, too, did Michael’s children – including his three sons and Winter.

Sadly, Michael’s diagnosis claimed his life.


Since then, Winter, along with the incredible support of her mom, Dawn, and her awesome brothers, has dedicated her life to honoring the life of her loving dad by raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer. To date, she has brought $400,000 to the cause. And if winning the U.S. IronKids National Championship two years in a row isn’t enough, she’s now embarking on setting a new world record by being the youngest person to run 7 marathons on 7 continents. All this, while she trains with the U.S. Olympic freestyle ski team in Utah.

Amazing. Inspiring. Delightful. Engaging. Youthful. Mature. Sincere. Respectful. Joy-filled.

This child is making a difference.

I hope you’ll visit her website. I hope you’ll follow her. I hope you’ll cheer for her. I hope you’ll give her a donation. I hope you’ll give yourself an inspiring gift and watch this video.

Winter never felt so good.