My Latest Story in Huffington Post is About Kids and Velcro…

Posted January 12, 2014 by jimhigley

My latest story in the Huffington Post is all about Velcro. And kids. I hope you enjoy. 


You think you’re done with holiday gift giving, don’t you?


But as we head into the new year, there’s one important gift us dads and moms need to remember to share with our children in 2014.

Think “Velcro.” Let me explain.

I like Velcro. It’s a nifty invention, don’t you think? Two strips of fabric — one with hundreds and hundreds of tiny hooks, and the other with countless minuscule loops, each little filament, by itself, insignificant.

But press those two strips of fabric together and those unassuming hooks collectively catch all of those corresponding loops to create a connection that is strong and powerful. Use enough Velcro and you’ll be hard-pressed to separate the bond.

I like that visual.

And it’s one I keep in my head as I tackle my day-to-day fathering and the countless opportunities I have to connect with my kids — one hook and loop at a time. READ MORE HERE