The Face – and Heart – of Dads

Posted June 14, 2012 by jimhigley

Grab some popcorn and enjoy “The New Face of Dad.” – brought to you by the good folks at Philips Norelco. And to all you dads, I hope you have an awesome Father’s Day – which I’m sure includes the 364 days that follow!

As you watch this, I’ll be surprised if something doesn’t stir within you. The love of your own Dad. That desire to recapture a moment with him from yesteryear. And – if you’re a dad yourself – you’ll no doubt hear messages that will resonate. I know that was the feeling last night when the video was shared with a vibrant group of folks at a Twitter Party to spread the message that the world is full of New Faces of Dads. We’re lucky guys, aren’t we?  I’m proud to be a dad. And I’m proud to be included with this terrific group of men – Whit from Honea Express , Clay from Dad Labs , Jon from Blurbomat and Seth, The Didactic Pirate. I hope you’ll add your face – and heart – to our stories. Go hug you kids. And tell them what it means to be their dad.

Thank you Philips Norelco for not only sponsoring this post but also for dedicating time, energy and resources to this campaign. I encourage folks to visit their Facebook Page – and like it! – to show your own thanks to them. Honestly, over the last several months, I can truly tell you that this is a company who has shown incredible support for men and dads everywhere. In every way imaginable.  

If you want a separate link to the above YouTube video, use this. And, as an extra bonus, here’s a few behind-the-scene stories on all the dads. Enjoy.