Bed Tales – Part 4: Making a Bad Bed Good

Posted September 24, 2013 by jimhigley


I make a bad bed.

If you’re looking for someone to make your bed look magazine-beautiful, with perfectly pooled pillows, a crisp comforter , and a chenille throw looking like it was tossed as you were heading out the door for a morning tennis match, I’m not your guy.

I try. I really do. I try to pick out decent comforters or bed spreads or whatever they are called. And I try to arrange pillows. Kind of. But the beds in my house never have that come-hither kind of look.

And worse yet, what’s been waiting under those attempts and comfiness have been beds that have long been due for replacement. Namely my youngest son’s twin bed – which he started sleeping in nearly half his lifetime ago. And my bed – a nice big kind size bed with the Shenandoah Valley running down the middle.

So, the nice folks at Serta Mattresses offered to help us. Both of us!

And off I went to the Serta Research and Development lab where I learned a lot! And while it was fascinating seeing how mattresses are made, the real treat was how much testing goes into all their beds.

But the biggest thing, however, that I learned at the R&D facility was the importance of trying out a lot of mattresses – the old-fashioned way – when you’re in the market for a new mattress. And that’s exactly what my son and I had the fun of doing.

I picked out an iSeries queen size bed – which combines gel memory foam with a more traditional innerspring. And my son? He decided on an iComfort queen – which features their cool (honestly, it cools the body) latest gel memory foam technology. Who says the apple can’t fall far from the tree? While our choices were different, what wasn’t different was our excitement waiting for delivery date.


That was about a month ago. So we’ve now had a good month on our new iSeries and iComfort beds. And by my estimation, that means I’ve spent about 9 total days enjoying mine. As for my son? Well, with a heavy school load lately, he’s spent less time sleeping…but more time than ever doing some late night reading in bed.

And the verdict?

Well, I wish you could be my back. And my body. And I hope you feel the way I do every night when I crawl in my bed. In all seriousness, it feel like it has about 100″ of cush – but it has that right amount of firmness. And for me, that’s the perfect combination. And I get it from edge to edge.

As for my son? He’s gone to bed heaven – with twice the surface space of his old bed, he’s not only enjoying the size, but the”just right” softness his back likes.

I still make a bad bed. And I’m still using the same old comforters and pillow. But at the end of the day – and I mean the literal day – what matters is what’s under those comforters, right?

Thanks, Serta. You’ve given us something to look forward to at the end of a long day.




As you can tell, I’ve been compensated by Serta Mattresses in discussing and reviewing their products. Rest assured, however, I’d never endorse or share anything I don’t really believe in. And Serta is definitely a company and a product that gets my solid endorsement.

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