GPS Me. Please.

Posted November 11, 2010 by jimhigley

GPS systems blow my mind. Maybe they’ve lost their luster for you. But for me I go gaga.

I figured this out last night when I was driving in a totally foreign part of the suburbs en route to a dinner with my cousin, Mary. Before I pulled out of my driveway, I just punched in my destination, waited a few seconds for the satellite connection – or whatever magic I don’t understand – to kick in and I was off. It told me I’d actually arrive four minutes before our scheduled dinner. I somewhat doubted that given it was rush hour and my GPS doesn’t factor in current traffic conditions. But I still am blown away by it.

Then, off I went. A couple times I took tiny shortcuts that I knew about but it never took more than a few seconds for my GPS to just recalculate and modify my directions. Love, love, love it.

“No big deal, Jim,” you say. And, I know. I get it. I know this technology is leftover from some Department of Defense satellite program or something like that.

But it makes me fantasize about some GPS-like system to direct me through my day. From the minute I wake up until I arrive at  my ultimate destination – which would be bed – later that night. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I, for one, would be a very happy man. My days are like interstate pileups, sometimes. Every morning I try to lay out the road map for my day. I make lists. I use post-its. I try to organize how I best spend my day. But, on a regular basis, I find myself hitting dead ends with bright ideas, needing to make U-turns to redo things, and sometimes I just stop a little too long on the side of the roadway of life to enjoy the views. Inevitably, by the time it’s dinner, the journey I needed to make with my to-do list, is no where near complete.

Hence, my fondness for using a GPS.  It’s so nice to have one experience in the day which starts where it starts and ends where it’s supposed to.

I’m off to my next project. Can anyone give me some direction?

  • TQ

    My cousin, your neighbor (Domer Mike), can probably talk your ear off about those GPS devices… Just make sure you're not using a competitor's device before you ask him any questions.

    I first heard about you when Mike was recruiting on your behalf for the Dad Contest – keep up the good work and writing.

  • Jim Higley is the Bobblehead Dad – writer, speaker, life observer and cancer warrior. His favorite role, however, is being "Dad" to his three kids.

    Hey, thanks for the note! This blog was actually inspired by Mike! Thanks for reading!