Happy 16th, Son. 16 Days and Counting

Posted February 1, 2012 by jimhigley

My youngest son is turning 16 the middle of this month. Yes – youngest.

I vividly remember about seven years ago, saying that my oldest son was turning 16. And I recall feeling far too young to be saying that. Today, I just feel old.

Like any soon-to-be 16 year-old, my son’s got his mind set on some new wheels. Not sure where he got that idea. But we can all dream, right? And he doesn’t think it’s all that funny that the Windy City is hosting the 2012 Chicago Auto Show smack dab in the middle of his birthday celebration.

He sees no humor in this coincidence. But then again, he didn’t like it when his big brother came home with a big bag of licorice the day he got braces.

My youngest is getting his driver’s license. Wow! Time has flown since 1996. By the way, that’s the same year GM give birth to the “OnStar Driver Assistance Program” at the 1996 Chicago Auto Show.

1996 Chicago Auto Show Guide. Love the concept cars!

I’m glad to see they both are still around.

I hope you’ll check back here every day for more tales of this boy and his dreams of a car.

You should also click on the link below to win some pretty neat prizes for things like dinners, tickets, hotels and a bunch of other cool things. If you win, however, I hope you’ll take my son with you (and you’ll need to drive if it’s before February 17).

Happy cars. Happy Chicago Auto Show. And, Happy Birthday, son.