Sayonara to a Storage Unit

Posted July 31, 2012 by jimhigley

I’ve finally gotten rid of my storage unit. And all the contents it’s been holding. And today, I am a happy, happy man.

It’s a big day.

It’s a new beginning.

I no longer have a storage unit.

I believe I’ve had a storage unit for about four years. The first one was 10 x 20 – big enough for a car. It was stuffed full of all of the things I didn’t want in the house but couldn’t stand the thought of tossing. It was full of boxes that were carefully labeled. It was full of old athletic equipment.

And more boxes.

And things that attracted spiders.

Things that got smelly over time.

Eventually that unit was replaced by a 10 x 10 unit two years ago – about the time we moved from our big family home to our current, tiny doll house. I was actually proud of myself for downsizing my house and my storage unit at the same time.

I equipped that 10 x 10 unit with a complicated shelving system to maximize its storage potential.

A labyrinth of shelves.

As high as the eye could see.

To store my treasures.

And then last month I received a notice with my monthly statement from the nice man at the storage unit informing me they were raising my monthly rental fee. Again.

And I decided it was time. To purge.

If it wouldn’t fit in my house, it needed to go.

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last few days.

Saying goodbye to boxes with labels on the outside telling me about things on the inside that I once thought I couldn’t live without.

Guess what? I’m still living.




  • Capyers

    thats funny i want to do the same thing

    • Jim Higley

      It feels sooooooooooooo good when you’re done!