$10 Down and $5 a Month

Posted October 9, 2013 by jimhigley


I’m the keeper of my parents’ photo albums. And trust me, they left an abundance of them.

The above photograph is one I’ve noticed for years, in and among pictures of family, friends, parties and vacations. I never thought much about it, however, until a couple years ago when I was making a copy of a neighboring photo. It was then I took the above photo out to inspect it a little closer. And what I discovered – on the back – was my mom’s handwriting.

1950 – our first television – $10 down and $5/ month

And suddenly this became one of my favorite keepsake photos – because it offered one more piece of insight into my parents’ world. And values.

Of course they took a photo of this prized possession! They were a couple of young, broke kids and what they had in the younger years of their married life together they earned themselves. And while they didn’t yet have kids of their own back in 1950 (if they only knew that five boys were in their horizon!) I’m quite confident that they exercised the same budgeting strategies they used  – and taught – my four brothers and me:

  • Plan for bigger purchases;
  • Shop around for the best deal;
  • Save your pennies and – as often as you can – pay cash.

My folks used that same approach their entire life – even in the later years when they were fortunate with their financial resources. Heck, they were probably more fortunate in those later years because they lived by those very simple strategies.

$10 down and $5 a month. 

How the world has changed since they bought that cherished RCA black and white television.

But what hasn’t changed are those simple rules. Golden Mom and Dad. Absolutely golden.


This memory is brought to you through my partnership with Kimberly-Clark during the months of September and October. It’s part of their Pick Up the Values Program– providing tips and ideas for parents to stretch their budgets.

Today’s Pick Up the Values Tip for Stretching Your Budget is one both my parents would like: Make a list for all your shopping. Better yet, use an app on your smart phone to create your shopping lists. The best  apps will allow others to make suggestions to your aster list. A well-developed shopping list (that you stick to!) will help stretch your monthly grocery shopping dollars measurably!

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Rest assured, while I’ve been compensated by Kimberly-Clark for this story, the memory, and belief in their product is as real as it comes.

  • Astra Groskaufmanis

    I just love this story! Thanks for sharing. Bet they didn’t get to watch too much of it after you 5 boys came along 🙂