The Case of the Deceivious Dogs: SOLVED

Posted June 19, 2013 by jimhigley


Don’t let that innocent look on their faces fool you.

Sure, they’ll come running to the back door when you arrive home. Tails wagging. They’ll follow you around like you’re the Pied Piper, and lay obediently by your feet when you settle down in your favorite overstuffed chair.

It’s all a cover. A front.

Behind those puppy licks are two deceivious dogs.

We have a rule in our house: No dogs on the furniture. And sure, we break that rule every so often when we allow the little one to snuggle on our lap. Bad us. Bad. Bad.

But lately, I’ve been finding evidence suggesting that the pups have been disobeying house rules while I’m out running errands.

May I present the prosecution’s first evidence: dog hair on the above-mentioned overstuffed chair.

“Dad, there’s hair everywhere in our house,” claimed my teenage son when I presented him with my theory. I’m convinced he’s in on the plot.

But despite my best efforts (which, yes, has included peeking in the side windows to catch them in the act) I haven’t yet been able to nail these two canines.

Until last week.

The friendly folks at Motorola Baby Products asked me if I’d be interested in testing out their newest product, the BLINK 1 Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera – a super-slick device that allows you to monitor your baby via a smartphone.

“But I don’t have a baby,” I told them.

“Oh, well, it can serve a lot of other purposes,” they explained. “Home security, a nanny cam, checking on seniors, pets…”

Pets?  Did they say pets?

“I’d love to try it out!” I replied. Bonnie and Clyde were about to meet their match.

The monitor arrived on my doorstep a few days later. The dogs were wagging their tales when the delivery person rang my doorbell. If they only knew.

The set-up was a breeze. I literally had it working within about 5 to 10 minutes of unpacking the box. First I uploaded an app to my smartphone. Then I just followed the steps to sync my smartphone with the monitor.

And while the dogs were out back chasing squirrels, I had my own fun inside testing out the Motorola Blink! Baby Monitor in our family room. And from the screen of my smartphone, I felt like I was remotely controlling a lunar landing from NASA as I made my new monitor do cool tricks like pan the room, tilt, and zoom. I could even have two-way communication (thinking about the possibility of screaming, “Get off the furniture!”), take photos and record videos. And I loved the fact that I could play music from my smartphone to the monitor.

But my fun needed to stop. My set-up was about to commence.

“Come on inside,” I yelled to the pups in the backyard. “I have to run errands.”

They bought it. Clueless were they as I scratched their heads before I walked out the door.

“I’ll be back in a little bit,” I told them in my bestest master-voice ever.

And then I drove a block away and parked in a neighboring alley.

The stakeout had begun.

Me. And my smartphone.

And in a blink (or should I say Blink!) of an eye, I was watching the inside of my house. Puppy number one was busted within three minutes. As I suspected.

Then pup number two appeared. The good pup. The pup with morals. But he simply sat at the base of the chair. At least one of these beasts has a conscience.

Make that had a conscience.

Busted. The both of them. Thanks to my Motorola Blink! Baby Monitor.

The only question now is, where’s the closest puppy prison? Woof.


Thank you to my partners in crime at Motorola Baby Products for the fun. For more information on the Motorola Blink! Baby Monitor, head over to their website. You can get one for yourself in many locations including Target and Amazon. And keep your eyes out for their newest product for pets – yes! – this fall. It’s called the “Scout” and it will be available at PetSmart stores.  And, just so you you know, as with all good detectives, I’ve been compensated for my investigative services.