Thought Catalog: How Mom Manages to Stay in Touch

Posted May 31, 2014 by jimhigley


I’m proud to be a featured Parenting Contributor on Thought Catalog. If you haven’t heard of Thought Catalog, it’s “one part diary, one part humor, one part intellectual musings, one part sentimentalism, one part pop culture, one part experimentalism. It is a mixed bag of content from many different voices, from writers who have been published by the likes of Slate, The New York Times, The Paris Review…”

I’m happy to be part of the Thought Catalog family. And I hope you enjoy some of my work there

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My mom’s joining us for a Mother’s Day celebration. It’s an unplanned thing. But, unplanned has become status quo for my mom in the nearly 40 years since she died at an age when most moms are serving out a stint as room mother, cheering at school sporting events, or sitting in carpool lanes.

While my own “Mom” memories are limited to the 14 years I lived under the same roof with her, I’ve come to know her in very tangible ways. One of those ways is through the army of other mothers who earned their stripes along with her in those innocent years in the 60s in our small, Nebraska town. Think Mad Men, but watered way, way down. Swap out the martinis and sex with Dr. Pepper and Mr. Clean and you have the world I grew up in. (Read More Here…)

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