My Vegetable Revolution: Part One

Posted June 27, 2012 by jimhigley

Did you know that June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month? I did!

And I’ve been trying to celebrate it daily.

Okay, the truth is my celebrating has less to do with it being the month of fruit and veggies and more to do with the fact that I’ve just resolved to be a better eater. Winter brings out the worst in me. Worst as in slowing down on my workouts (meaning my running shoes have cobwebs). Worst as in my eating habits slack off (meaning I consider a nightly bowl of popCORN my serving of vegetables for the day).

Sad. Isn’t it?

I didn’t develop great eating habits as a kid. And I regret it.

I vividly remember writing this little paper in third grade about vegetables:

Vegetables are very good for

us. They help us to 

get strong and health (sic).

But there are other good

foods for us.

I believe the “other” good foods I was referring to at that time included pancakes, an assortment of sugary cereals, ice cream and cookies.

So as an adult, I pay the price. But this past month I’ve been doing a cleansing of sorts. No junk food. Really. I’ve also been keeping a diary of my food intake. That, I might add, is a fascinating thing to do.

My daily rules are simple:

1. Keep my net caloric intake between 10oo – 1500 (for now…until I don’t look like a whale).

2. Eat as many vegetables as I want.

And you know what? I feel really great. I wake up feeling good. I feel good all day. I’m not worrying about weight or anything. I’m just focusing on eating well.

This month I’ve been steaming a lot of vegetables – I like things still with a little crunch so moving quick is important. I’ve also been doing a lot of grilling of whatever vegetables I might have hanging around. When I grill, I just toss my veggies in a little olive oil (and I really mean a little) and add some of the same seasoning I put on the kid’s burgers.

It works!

So that’s how I’ve been celebrating the month of June. It’s the beginning of my summer fling with veggies. I wish I would have done this about forty years ago.

Next up? I think I’m going to tackle roasting vegetables. I’ve heard that’s the best.

You see, I’m determined to keep this national vegetable month a regular thing in my house.

Got any recipes you want me to try?

Special shootout to the nice folks at Hidden Valley for sponsoring this post. I’m part of their Parent Advisory Board which is charged with spreading the word about their awesome “Love Your Veggies” program. It’s all about getting kids to eat their vegetables (so they don’t develop all of my bad eating habits!) Check out all our great information on the Hidden Valley website – including some pretty simple recipes – to help you get your kids off to a good eating start!