VIDEO: Kids LOVE Veggies on the Grill!

Posted July 26, 2012 by jimhigley

I was recently talking to Jodie Shield, an expert dietitian with Hidden Valley, about picky eaters (mine – but I’m not naming names!). And the very first thing she asked me was if this particular picky eater (purely in the hypothetical, of course) knew how to grill.

“Grill?” I asked curiously.

And she told me that one of the best ways to help older picky eaters (like teenage boys who are still remaining nameless) is to teach them to grill.

“If you can get these kids excited about the preparation,” she told me, “they will totally change their attitude about food.

Jodie: I officially love you. Best. Advice. Ever.


Special shootout to the nice folks at Hidden Valley for sponsoring this post. I’m part of their Parent Advisory Board which is charged with spreading the word about their awesome “Love Your Veggies” program. It’s all about getting kids to eat their vegetables (so they don’t develop all of my bad eating habits!) Check out all our great information on the Hidden Valley website – including some pretty simple recipes – to help you get your kids off to a good eating start!