You Say Potato. I Say Po-TAH -to. A Tailgate Idea for Everyone!

Posted September 16, 2012 by jimhigley


I love it when someone asks me to weigh in on anything culinary. Why? Well, the truth is I’m a bit insecure about my skills in the kitchen. And that’s why this project I just did for was so much fun.

As part of their Ultimate Tailgating Celebration (be sure to sign up for a GREAT $2,000 Ultimate Tailgating Package over at their Facebook Page!), they’ve asked me to toss out some ideas to make tailgating more fun.

Today, I bring you my game plan (honest, I did this all by myself!) for a fun baked potato bar. And, if you want all the details, head over to the website!


Do you hear all that cheering? That’s me and the kids sending our thanks to for sponsoring this post.