Polio is Ready for Your Close-Up!

Posted January 30, 2013 by jimhigley

If you’ve ever had dreams of starring in a commercial, then I bring good news.

And if you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to save a child’s life, then my news is even twice as good.

Rotary International invites you to be part of the World’s Biggest Commercial – one starring thousands and thousands of people from around the world – to join with Nobel laureates, movie stars, famous musicians and other notable folks to express a united commitment to End Polio Now.


Are you thinking that was a disease of past generations? I did, too.

The reality is that we are so close to eradicating it. So very, very close. But there is still work to do. And the purpose of this global commercial is to send the message to world leaders that support for polio eradication is a global initiative. And that means we need you. Your friends. And family.

For nearly 30 years, and after immunizing more than 2 billion children against polio, Rotary and its partners are on the verge of wiping polio off the planet. When they began the fight in 1985, polio affected 350,000 people – mostly children – in 125 countries every year. Since then, however, polio has been reduced by 99 percent.

Worldwide cases are now in the hundreds and they are confined to only three countries.

But if we don’t complete the worldwide job of fighting this disease, polio could quickly resurge, with devastating consequences. More than 10 million children could be paralyzed in the next 40 years.

And we would lose this once-in-a-generation opportunity to rid the world of polio.

So support this cause and be a part of the World’s Biggest Commercial! Snap a photo of yourself making the “This Close” sign and upload it into the commercial. Share it with your friends and family and ask them to do the same.

It’s as simple as that!

If you want to do more, go to the End Polio Now website to find out what else you can do to get involved such as writing your government leaders or donating (For 60 cents, a child can be protected against the polio virus for life!).

There’s so much you can do.

But more than anything, join your global family and be a part of the World’s Biggest Commercial right now. It takes a couple of minutes.

Be a part of history.

Be a star.

What is Polio

  • A crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease, polio (poliomyelitis) still strikes children mainly under the age of five in countries in Asia and Africa.
  • Polio can cause paralysis and sometimes death.  Because there is no cure for polio, the best protection is prevention through a vaccine.
  • Polio can cause paralysis within hours, and polio paralysis is almost always irreversible.
  • In the most severe cases, polio attacks the motor neurons of the brain stem, causing breathing difficulty or even death.
  • Historically, polio has been the world’s greatest cause of disability.
While I have been compensated to be a spokesperson for this campaign, I couldn’t be prouder to be connected to such an important cause. I hope you’ll give your support today!