My One Word for 2013 is…

Posted January 13, 2013 by jimhigley

Brevity is a good thing.

It’s good when you’re listening to a sermon. Or sitting through a school recital. And it’s really good when you’re giving a lecture to your kids.

I like brevity. Short. Targeted. To the point.

That’s why I was intrigued by a book I recently picked up, My One Word. The book was born from a sermon series in 2005 from North Carolina pastor Mike Ashcraft, who encouraged his congregation to avoid New Year’s Resolutions for a year and instead focus on a single word that would guide their year.

That sermon became a movement.

And that movement became a book.

About one word.

So I’ve been thinking about “my one word” for 2013.

And, candidly, I didn’t need to think much. I already have one word.


It’s Italian. I fancy myself as living in Rome someday. And I’ve long had a love of all things Italian. Including their language.

That’s why I have tattooed on my right ankle a simple, Italian word.


It means “today.”

It’s a reminder that no matter what life throws my way or what heaviness I may be feeling, I still have my “today.” It’s mine to own and define. I may be passing through a valley and I may be weighted by some unknown slump that seems to be sticking to the soles of my feet.

But there still is value to discover in my every today.

My todays are mine. And I chose how to live them. And my word reminds me to live my days with zest. Italian zest.

So what’s your one word?



  • tru_wonder

    Believe. Similar to your word, Jim, I believe that we get a fresh start on tomorow every (to)day. And the best things come to those who believe. When we believe in something, we pour everything we have into it. And then, believe – seemingly magically – becomes achieved. Believe is a great equilizer: it offers hope for a better tomorrow to everyone in every circumstance, and implies forgiveness for the imperfections of the past and the present. It gives us each a fresh start at the very moment we yearn for one… No questions asked.

  • Joni Watson

    Great word, Jim. I’ve been doing the “One Word” thing for a few years now. Here’s my one word for 2013:

  • Woody

    wow. love this word, and as a runner, I’ve been really wanting a simple tattoo that I can use on my ankle to provide motivation and inspiration to keep on running – hope you dont mind if I borrow your “word”!

    • jimhigley

      What is it about runners and ankle tattoos? 🙂 I love mine, truthfully. It’s pretty simple and not too much. And the word, well, for me it works!