When a Child Dies

Posted March 29, 2012 by jimhigley

Join me, please, in remembering and honoring the life of this child. He was taken from his family at far too young an age.  

A child of our community has died.

And while I didn’t know him, I feel his loss. Because he was a child of our community.

I’m wondering if our paths have crossed?

Perhaps he was one of the smiling kids I regularly see at our local ice cream parlor. A child whose biggest decision – at that moment – was between mint chocolate chip and chocolate brownie deluxe.

Or maybe he was the young boy who held the door for me at Starbucks. And gave me a polite grin as I walked in. Or the kid pumping gas at pump #7. As I hurridly filled the tank at pump #8. He could easily been one of the hundreds of kids I’ve seen on the street. Or maybe he was in the car next to me as we impatiently waited at the stoplight that never seems to turn green when the trains pass through.

I wonder.

And I am sad.

His is a loss I feel.

His is a loss I mourn.

His is a loss that deeply matters.

Because he was a child of our community.