Praise for Bobblehead Dad

Funny, witty, and entertaining are not words people typically use to describe a story about cancer. But Bobblehead Dad isn’t just about being sick. It’s about the joy of living and discovering who you are, where you came from, and ultimately, where you want to be.”

Tracy Beckerman, syndicated humor columnist ‘Lost in Suburbia,’ and author of Rebel without a Minivan

Jim Higley’s soul-stirring memories of his Nebraska childhood strengthened him during his struggle with cancer. His life lessons are poignant, rich and oh-so-genuine. The healing is real.”

Suzette Martinez Standring, Syndicated columnist, Award winning Author, The Art of Column Writing

The lessons that can be learned from Jim’s courageous and beautiful story are invaluable. His touching words will evoke gratitude and push you to become a better person.”

Melinda Marchiano, Author and International Book Award Winner, Grace: A Child’s Intimate Journey Through Cancer and Recovery

Why wait for that ‘smack on the head’ to wake up and enjoy the precious moments of life? I highly recommend Bobbblehead Dad to any who loves a page turner! The pictures tell thousands more words!”

Wade Rouse, Best-selling author of At Least in the City Someone Would Hear Me Scream and It’s All Relative

Jim is an insightful and passionate storyteller who has written the new ‘must read.’ In a unique ‘bridging the time-space continuum’ style, Jim’s book is a reflection, an inspiration, an entertaining and heartfelt read that is hard to put down. I heartily recommend it!”

Sandra Gehring, Emmy Award winning author of Breaking Your Own News

Jim writes about how to find life in the nooks and crannies of everyday existence. He reminds us not to wait for an emergency to live-he reminds us not to wait for anything. Best of all, he shows us how.”

Jason Seiden, author of Beyond Social

Jim Higley invites others to look more closely at the positive pivotal aspects of challenging life experiences by humorously and courageously sharing intimate insights from his own. Throughout this beautiful book, readers will discover the liberation and empowerment derived from uncovering the hidden gems in both the everyday and unexpected leading them to their own journey of illumination.”

Annie Burnside, Author of Soul to Soul Parenting

Bobblehead Dad isn’t a story about cancer so much as it is the story of a man who faced cancer-and way too much of it for just one family. You’ll fall in love with Jim Higley the child, and root for Jim Higley, the dad with cancer. Bobblehead Dad is a delightfully soothing read for any parent who has steered a family through difficult times.”

Jen Singer, Moderator, and author of You’re a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren’t So Bad Either)

As an empty-head dad, I highly recommend ‘Bobblehead Dad.’ Jim Higley writes with warmth, humor, and optimism. He’s also a great guy. Buy his book or I will come over to your house and drink all your beer.”

Jerry Zezima, syndicated humor columnist for The Stamford Advocate and author of Leave It to Boomer