Grillin’ Goodies Give Away!

Posted August 23, 2011 by jimhigley

Win this GREAT assortment of Grillin' Goodies by posting a COMMENT (below). Post as often as you want. Just answer the following: "Summer is: ____________"

Remember the post I did a couple weeks ago titled, A Cure for “Dad, I’m Bored! where I shared our family’s long-standing relationship with Reddi-wip? Well, those nice folks sent me one dandy gift of grillin’ goodies AND they’ve offered to share the love with another Grillin’ Goodie Gift Basket for one of you! And because- as you know- I love games, we’re having a contest to determine the winner.

I’ll be having a “drawing” for the winner on Saturday, August 27, 2011, at 3:00 p.m. central. You can enter the drawing by posting a “comment” to this blog (below) completing the following: “Summer is: ______________.” You can post AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT. The more you post, the better your odds are of winning!

The winning Reddi-wip Summertime Grillin’ Goodie Gift Basket includes: a portable Smokey Joe Weber grill, a terrific Weber grilling mitt and apron, a make-your-neighbor-envious Brinkmann Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set, a snazzy soft insulated cooler by Picnic Time, and ANOTHER on-the-go portable cooler by L.L. Bean and a bunch of Reddi-wip coupons, recipe cards and a Frisbee (when’s the last time you threw a Frisbee?)

How great is that? And there’s plenty of summertime left to enjoy all these great treats from Reddi-wip.

Comment now. And comment often. You have until 3:00 central time on Saturday, August 27. Go!

And enjoy my memory of our fun backyard party.

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  • Melissa McLarney

    Sadly almost over

  • jimhigley

    Summer is: too dang short!

  • Julie Harrison

    Summer is: my favorite season!!

  • Julie Harrison

    Summer is: when I get all of my reading done; including Bobblehead Dad!

  • joelle

    Summer is: full of memories and adventures.

  • Don

    Summer is: Long days (and I mean that in a good way!)

  • Julie Lorraine

    AWESOME! My favorite time of the year in Nebraska. Always has been and I am sure always will be. It is lounging in the sun at the lake with family and friends, early morning coffee watching the steam rise off the water, the perfect opportunities to enjoy water sports. Teaching a young child to Wakeboard….throwing a smartaleck teen off the tube (nothing is better than that); late night cruises enjoying the lights of the night. Then there is baseball. The boys of summer are the best. Mowing the at first then not so much! Foodwise it is the grill. Nothing is better than a meal on the grill. After grilling it is the awesome smores. NO matter what age, the kids want to make them. To top them off….Reddi Whip!!!!

  • @fotodad

    Summer is friends, family, food & fun!

  • Thien-Kim

    Summer is almost over. Thank goodness for kindergarten!

  • Thien-Kim

    Summer is also for grilling-I love a good steak.

  • Courtney


  • Courtney

    bonding time for family

  • Courtney

    the most wonderful time of the year 😀

  • Amrit Bhavinani

    Summer is Bliss

  • Amrit B

    Summer is for GRILLING

  • Amrit B

    Summer is about BASEBALL

  • Amrit B

    Summer is soothing under the sun by the pool

  • W. Moy aka Craigslistdad

    Summer is…too dang HOT in Tulsa OK this year!

  • W.Moy aka Craigslistdad

    Summer is…perfect for roadtrips and family vacations, making fun memories!

  • Amrit B


  • Amrit B

    Summer is for WATERMELON

  • Amrit B

    Summer is SATIATING

  • Amrit B


  • Amrit B

    Summer is LIBERATING

  • Muskrat

    Summer is too damned hot.

  • Tom

    Summer is great, but I’ll be glad when it’s less hot.

  • Sid

    too fast!

  • Blake

    Summer’s just starting where I live!

  • Amber Gray

    Summer is my favorite because I can run around the lake instead of on the treadmill!

  • Amber Gray

    Summer is longer in Texas!

  • Tony

    Summer’s all about family and friends!

  • Amrit B

    Summer is for MUSIC

  • Scott G.

    Summer’s what I wait for all year long man!

  • Kat

    After seeing your video I think summer at your house is way more fun than summer at our house!

  • Amrit B


  • Mama Bear

    Summer is something I look forward to and something I eventually can’t wait to end. Bring on school!

  • Marco M.

    My summer would be WAUYYYY better with a new grill!

  • Amrit B

    Summer is for SLEEPING

  • jimhigley

    Keep the entries coming everyone!

  • Steve Lilly

    Summer is FAMILY TIME

  • jimhigley

    the drawing is tomorrow afternoon!

  • Mark Clement

    Summer is family and friends sitting on the patio waiting for my NY strips, with homemade steak rubs, grilled corn on the cob, and steam-grilled asparagus!!!!

  • Julie Harrison

    Summer is: time for amazing outdoor weddings!

  • Melissa McLarney

    Summer has been an adventure here in NJ. Rainiest month ever and this week we had an earthquake and now sitting waiting for a hurricane and it’s friends the tornado and flooding! If I win I may have to grill in the snow… may be predicted for later this week 🙂

  • Jason

    Summer is flyyyyying by this year!

  • Ashley

    For my kids, it’s been making $64 with their lemonade stand!

  • Pam

    I live in California so summer is year round!

  • Linda

    Summer is my birthday! July 7! Woo Woo!

  • Katie

    The Iowa State Fair!

  • ty

    College graduation! Yahoo!!

  • Bob

    Let’s just cut to the chase. I need a grill!

  • Marvin

    I drive plows in the winter to summer mean no money for me!

  • Liam

    Summer is sunflower seed spittin contests on the porch!

  • Lucky Mom

    Summer is: OK, i have to admit I’m ready for the kids to go back to school.

  • Tina

    summer’s all about family!

  • Rocky Mountain Blake

    Summer has my FAV holiday! 4th of July! Fireworks baby!

  • Tanya Two-Two

    Wait, why did everyone else know about this? I love summer!!!

  • Tom

    Summer is all about dad’s grilling. But, hey, I need a new grill! 🙂

  • Linda Lou

    It’s still August. It’s still summer.

  • Ben H.

    I’ve been back at school two weeks! What summer!

  • Minivan Mama

    Summer for my family is all about baseball! But, then again, so is Fall. And Spring. Hello?

  • Beth KPK

    I always tell my kids not to have favorites. Truth is, summer is my favorite!

  • amanda collins

    my summer is great!